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Business Consulting, Structuring, Cyber Security, Marketing, Asset Protection, Business Managment, Business Entity Selection. Stargate Corporate Alliance Professional Services provide tools that incorporate a competitive edge to increase profits. Social media a player of global business networking. We provide enhanced company exposure among Social Media platforms placing your business in front of qualified potential clients. Put our experts in social media marketing to work for your company. A multiple saturation approach to capture more Qualified Leads, Clients, Business Revenue.

The Social Media Business Treadmill. You have a business or just started your own new business endeavor, you set up your website & now it is time to set up your Facebook, Twitter business pages. You spend hours each week adding content, interacting with inquiries on your social media sites & wow 3 months have passed, you check your Analytics and find only 1% of total sales if any came from your social media pages. Even though you invested time updating each Social Media Page with fresh content & photos daily your sponsored ad's delivered zero sales. You are not alone. Do not get trapped on the social Media Treadmill. Your posts you wrote last week appeared in a fraction of news feeds now it is gone & yesterday's news. Unless you pay more $$ to "Boost Your Post!" with another sponsored ad & waste of money, your time & resources. Social media is very useful but not a prime source of business revenue. Your time is much better spent writing rich content for your main website and hiring a professional SE0-Search Engine Optimization company like to help your business grow in search engine rankings. Think keywords are the trick? Think Again. There are many new requirements to get your store front to the world in front of qualified business leads. We help clients protect their business & personal assets & grow their business market share. Let's Get Down To Business.

Stargate Corporate Alliance provides seasoned business Advisor's, Asset Protection Attorneys, Estate Planning Advisors providing services to protect your assets. Need a new CPA? Get Access to Corporate Tax Planning CPA's. We can assist you in Business Credit to build corporate credit making your company credit worthy & bankable. Get it all at one place. We can assist your business to open a Merchant account. No business is too small. If you are a home based new business or mid level to large company, put our experience to work.

let's get down to business

The investment in our professional services is not only a wise choice but encompasses a tax deduction for your company. Stargate Corporate Alliance will enhance your profit margins across a spectrum of platforms to maximize strengths & identify weaknesses. We provide the ability to network your company through targeted marketing. We have done hundreds of Memes for presidential campaigns.

Not sure what corporate structure is best for your new business endeavor? Stargate Corporate Alliance is there. We are committed to help you achieve your goals & build your bridge to corporate success.

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